Belly Burn.

The Ultimate Dance Fitness Program

6 Week Challenge

A Fun Way To Keep Fit.

This 6 week dance fitness programme is a fun way to keep fit, lose weight, burn calories and boost confidence. Its all about creating healthy habits, keeping fit and staying active.

So what are you waiting for. Come and join us today!

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Stay Fit And Dance With Us!

What is Belly Burn About

Belly Burn is a 6 week Dance Fitness Programme…Bringing together belly dance fitness, easy to follow workouts and nutritious meal plans for a fun way to keep fit and get results! Whether you want to tone up or slim down, BellyBurn is a fantastic calorie burning full body workout which strengthens and defines not only your core, but also every muscle from your head to your toes. 

Get ready to ignite your core, reshape and shimmy your way to the best version of yourself!

Belly Burn
6 Week Challenge


    Belly Dance Fitness, Easy to Follow Workouts, Nutritious Meal Plans

Stay Fit Stay Healthy

Happy 6 Weeks

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They All Loved The Program

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I love this programme! Cherie inspires happiness and confidence to help me reach my goals.
- Elissa
"Amazing programme, and fun way to stay fit!!"
- Grace Evans
"I would love to join this course again!!"
- Harold Z
"So fun and totally suits people of all ages!!"
- Tami Richardson